On Tap in Troy brings to the Capital Region craft beer events designed to both satisfy aficionadi and provide an introduction to those first exploring the world of true craft beer. Our September 24th Autumn event will offer over forty beers selected to provide a varied and balanced sampling to enjoy and compare. Future events will highlight seasonal and limited-edition brews, in addition to offering a distinctive assortment of beers available year-round which will vary from event to event. On Tap in Troy will present serious craft beer tasting experiences in a comfortable venue which promotes thoughtful appreciation and enjoyment.

With this in mind, we limit the number of tickets sold for each session, especially those for VIP access. We also limit our selection of beers to reflect the number of beers which can be discerningly tasted in one session. This will vary, but will generally be about forty beers chosen to provide a range of styles, as well as elements for comparison. Our selections will be based upon the quality and availability of beers produced, as well as their relative distinctiveness and value.

Craft beers can stand on their own, but food brings out subtleties and even, on occasion, changes the character of the beer on the palate. On Tap in Troy therefore will serve tasty noshables (that is, foods to sample and snack upon) that will compliment the beer and bring added pleasures to your tasting experience.

Conversation will be possible against a background of music. On Tap in Troy events are not typical. We reject beer snobbery, but advocate for the recognition of beer as a peer to wine and spirits; our events reflect that idea.

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